TRS Angled Closed Belt Loops with Pre Punched Holes Group Buy

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Welcome to the Talon Retention Systems OWB Belt Loop Group Buy page.  We are making "crowd funding" a reality in the DIY holster market place and allowing all of our customers to take advantage of the quantity discounts we offer by pooling their orders into a group buy.


The terms for ordering a group buy are simple. For this Group Buy only you will be buying at our LOWEST regular advertised price break without needing to order a minimum quantity. This Group Buys starts now and runs through the August (Group Buy page will lock at midnight eastern time August 31st).  If enough orders come in to meet the total lot price break, all orders placed will ship.  If not, the group buy will re-open and you can let your order roll into the next two week period.  You can also cancel your order for a refund at any time prior to shipping. We will send a newsletter out letting everyone know if the Group Buy has shipped or rolled over so make sure you subscribe


Please DO NOT add additional items to your cart when placing a group buy order as they will not ship until the group buy does.

Group Buys are subject to shipping charges and you can select the service that works best for you.


Sold in pairs not as single loops.

Manufactured by Talon Retention Systems these loops currently are available in 1.5", 1.75", and 2" sizes too. Thanks to the extended "tab" design the hole spacing is 2" center to center while maintaining similar dimensions to our standard closed loops. The angled design allows your bending to be a little more forgiving than normal and with the pre punched holes you'll save a lot of time that would normally be spent at the drill press.

If you are currently using Kydex for your belt loops, you will really appreciate these loops.  Not only will they save you time and money over making your own belt loops they are safer and functionally superior to Kydex in every way.  Kydex belt loops, even .125, will eventually break.  While the impact resistance of Kydex is excellent, it is subtle flexing over time that will break a Kydex belt loop.  Just like bending a paper clip a little bit back and forth will eventually cause a failure, so too with Kydex loops.  These polymer loops are also slightly more flexible than Kydex which allows them to bend and move with your body and not translate that force into the Kydex shell thus increasing the life of the product as well.  At the price we’re able to offer these loops; there is no reason to continue using Kydex for belt loops.

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