The PHLster™ TuckStrut

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The PHLster TuckStrut is PHLster's first venture into OEM hardware. Although designed for the requirements of the PHLster Skeleton, they've made sure to address the needs of other manufacturers, focusing on ambidexterity and durability.
The TuckStrut features a short, but effective, integrated grip-tucking wing. The strut is reinforced against deformation and fracture, featuring a full perimeter lip to shroud hardware as well as resist the kinds of strut and clip fractures which tend to occur at the point of mounting. Additionally, the wing is reinforced against torque and deformation with substantial horizontal ribs. Multiple versions of the TuckStrut have been tested in grappling-intensive scenarios for months to ensure that they withstand the abuses typical of strut failure. 
To provide ambidexterity, the TuckStrut is symmetrical along the horizontal access. Simply invert the strut to switch from right to left handed configuration and eliminate the necessity of stocking multiple SKU's. Using slot mounting instead of hole mounting for soft-loops and holster attachment points, the TuckStrut provides variable ride height on two dimensions as well as accommodates variable hole patterns. So, whether your holsters use a 5/8ths or a 1/2 inch hole spacing, you can use the TuckStrut. This is further enabled by using our slotted spacer. You'll notice that the slotted spacer is taller than existing units. This is order to keep the short wing of the TuckStrut parallel to the pistol, maintaining stability when worn IWB. While the TuckStrut can be used with our other available spacers it is highly recommended that the PHLster slotted spacer be used with the TuckStrut, when installed below the trigger guard of a holster for this reason. We recommend 1-inch screws when using the slotted spacer. 
The TuckStrut is unbranded, with no logos or markings.The face of the strut has plenty of blank space for engraving, should you choose to apply your logo.