The DIY "CNC" Pro Drone Compatible with Sig Sauer Pistols

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The latest in holster forming tech is now available here at DIY!  Our Pro Drones harness laser scanning, CAD design and CNC manufacturing to produce a truly master template.  Doing so allows us to account for material shrink in the casting process, add complex functional features and provide dead accurate CNC precision - all at an "old school" drone price.

 CNC Pro Drones are based on the same CAD models as our "Moth" Pro Drones and make an ideal partner for folding operations on "taco" style holsters.

CNC Pro Drones are a superior alternative to traditional mold tooling made from casts of live guns.  In addition to the dimensional accuracy, all of the vertical surfaces are properly drafted to prevent die-lock and allow easy material removal after forming.  All catch points have been filled and control and sight channels are built in. These drones are easily workable, so if you want to make custom alterations it is no problem.  Feel free to saw, sand, cut, drill, carve, Bondo and glue alterations as you see fit.

Our goal is to make it easier to find the perfect holster when you Do It Yourself! Out of stock? No problem. Email today and we'll make it to order in 1-3 business days.


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    very nice molding drone

    Posted by Andrew Baker on 28th Nov 2017

    Bought this drone to mold holsters for the Sig P320. The blocking and sight channel are perfect, and the sizing is very accurate. No preparation needed. Just heat your preferred thermoform material and press.

    The top of the mold (i.e. above the "grip" and behind the "rear sight" is about 3/4 to 1 inch taller than the actual firearm. I understand why they designed it this way, but it is worth noting.

    The following is more of a PSA regarding working with this mold than a criticism of it:

    Because the mold is taller than the actual firearm, some extra attention is needed in measuring the height of the finished product if you are making a full-length sweat guard on a pancake-style holster. If you do not have an actual firearm or an accurate drone for reference, you can inadvertently make the sweat guard too tall and less comfortable to wear (mine was flush and poking me in the ribs, so I had to trim it.).

    The recess on the inside of the trigger guard is deep enough to produce that gratifying "click" when inserting the firearm and provides enough retention to hold the handgun in place when moving around, running, or standing on your head; but the handgun will fall out if you hold the holster upside down and jerk it. So it may be necessary, depending on your or your customer's preferences to add an adjustable retention screw. I didn't feel it was necessary.

    Also, be careful on setting the bends on pancake holsters, because too much heat and you will lose the retention and have to reheat and reset it. I did this on my second holster and used the mold to reshape the trigger guard area and restore the "click".

    Overall, I think this is a great product, and I will be purchasing more of them when the need arises.

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