Sig Sauer Light Bearing Molding Drones - Original Grey Series

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Please select your model from the menu above. Surefire "X" Series WILL work for the 300 Ultra models.

The next evolution for molding light bearing holsters is here!  DIY Light Drones are cast with the weapon light in place and the light channel already formed.  Being a dedicated cast, we were able to slim down the light channel vs. what can be done with temporary blocking like our Light Widgets.  We have left the rail blocking out of the cast to allow you to customize the look of your mold and add retention points as you see fit.  You can make your own rail blocking or order the drone with our proven, pre-made steel blocking sticks.  Once you have a look and function that you like, you can epoxy or otherwise permanently attach the rail blocking and boom! - You never have to build up for light bearing molds again!

DIY Molding Drones are made for the professional and hobbyist alike.  These castings are molded from actual pistols/mags/lights out of a high-temp, durable material that has a shrink rate of .001 inches per inch.  This makes for unparralleled accuraccy in our molding drones.  All catch points have been filled and control and sight channels are built in.  These drones are workable, so if you want to make custom alterations it is no problem.  Feel free to sand, cut or glue alterations as you see fit.  Our goal is to make it easier when you Do It Yourself!