Tips & tricks

Thermo-form Sheet and the Line of Extrusion

Posted by Patrick on 18th Mar 2014

Most thermo-formable sheet stock, including Kydex, is extruded into its final thickness and texture.This process creates a “grain” to the material, similar to wood.You can see this “grain” direction … read more

Making Durable Templates - the key to speeding up production

Posted by Patrick on 18th Mar 2014

So, you’re making holsters, awesome!Now you’ve made a holster you really like.You have a design and a style and you want to make it again and again and again.The bad news is that you have to make i … read more

Blocking out Pistol Molds for Weaponlight Holsters

Posted by Patrick on 18th Mar 2014

One of the great things you can do when you make a holster for yourself is to make for YOUR pistol with YOUR accessories and make it work with YOUR carry preference.One of the most popular accesso … read more

Belt loop tutorial

Posted by Patrick on 11th Mar 2014

Our first "tutorial" isn't a video. It's a simple example of some of the different ways our belt loops can be used. We've had questions regarding the design of our belt loops so we thought a littl … read more