Edge Finishing: No-Buff, High Polish Part 1

Posted by Patrick on 18th Mar 2014

To really set your work apart, it comes down to the details.One detail that will make your finished project pop is a glass-like, mirror polish on your edges.If you need high-volume, you’ll need to invest in grinders, belt sanders and buffing wheels, motors and compounds (we’ll get to that later).If you just want a professional look without an entire workbench dedicated to the endeavor, we’re going to tell you how to get it.

Tool list:

Dremel (or similar rotary tool) with 120 grit sanding drum head

Fine rat-tail file set

Foam Sanding Blocks (120, and 180+ grit)

Denim/Nylon/Nomex rag

Elbow Grease (found next to the board stretchers at the hardware store)