1911 "Original Grey Series" Pattern Molding Drones

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Our 1911 Molding non-railed Drones should work well for molding holsters for standard pattern, steel frame, non-railed 5" 1911 pistols (Colt, Springfield, Kimber, etc.).  Please note that alloy frame 1911's may not work or will require a frame build up (specifically the dust cover area) on the drone to fit.  With the multitude of 1911 manufacturers, proprietary and aftermarket accessories we recommend you check the fit with a live weapon whenever possible.


Our 1911 5" railed version was made from a Springfield "Operator"

DIY Molding Drones are made for the professional and hobbyist alike.  These castings are molded from actual pistols/mags/lights out of a high-temp, durable material that has a shrink rate of .001 inches per inch.  This makes for unparalleled accuracy in our molding drones.  

Our Original Molding Drones are excellent for professional, high volume molding operations, hobbyists looking to make basic holsters and everyone in between.  These drones are extremely tough and handle the rigors of vacuum and pressure molding well. The high density material is virtually unaffected by heat and pressure and will allow for nearly uninterrupted cycle times.

All catch points have been filled and control and sight channels are built in.  These drones are workable, so if you want to make custom alterations it is no problem.  Feel free to sand, cut or glue alterations as you see fit.  Our goal is to make it easier when you Do It Yourself!

Note: If you mold or plan to make products with lights or lasers attached to the rail or trigger guard you should consider our "Rail Work" Drones.